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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Not enough energy, vitamins, and silver....

I had a hectic weekend with lots of socially, fun goodness, and then I hit the end of my reserves last evening.  POO! 

So today I was super tired, and as it was B12 injection day, I knew that some energy would eventually be coming my way.

However, disgusting hot weather also showed up to zap whatever surplus I had right out again.

But this has to become a habit and I need to find a way to manage the muse even when I'm not incredibly inspired or "in the mood". 

Therefore, I'm going to discuss some randomness that came to me in a dream.

First off, another one where I was in a first person position of a non-me character.  Sometimes I wonder about my dreaming habits, and should probably look into them sometime, but, I am quickly de-railing.  Unfocused much?

So my dream revolved around a chick and a dude.  And the chick was at the dude's wedding, but, was upset because, he was marrying someone that was not her. And I eventually learned that they were both werewolves, and although she was trying to be supportive, they were part of the same "pack" or something, where apparently, they were supposed to be a couple.  There was something having to do with a mystical something or other where she had already started some magical bonding thing with him, which meant, that unless she found another werewolf to bond with before the next full moon, she wouldn't be able to have were-children, or any children.  Something to do with werewolf physiology and stupid dramatic mechanics.

So, the pack elders learned of this phenomena happening, where the guy was not supposed to be marrying anyone, and they gave him the ultimatum of either not marrying his bride, or she would be removed as an obstacle before the next moon, unless the were-chick found a new potential mate in a neighboring pack.

I'm pretty sure this is where the story devolved into being nothing but werewolf-porn.  I woke up thinking horrible thoughts...not even sexy...just...wrong...wrong things.  Things that shouldn't be written, but probably will be because it is at least on some level entertaining to the werewolf porn people...

Okay, yep, thats all I got today.

Have a good one folks!

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