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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reaching Goals

I'm really good at setting goals.  Fantastically great goals.  But I don't always achieve them.

It could be due to stress, lack of attention or interest over time, or just general fear of failure that creates a lethargy that makes me distance myself.

I've been committed to healthy for a while now.  Getting holistically healthy, and I believe that this particular bridge is what needs to be crossed in order to achieve my goals.

I found passion again.  I'd been lacking a 'place' for a while.  I've found it again, and it was right where I left it.  Its always been about finding a balance between the cognitive and the emotional.  The hard with the soft, the Goldilocks approach to psychology.

I've found it in Expressive Therapies.  I've been doing it for years in a very natural way and now I need to get formal education on the creative process, how that relates to mental health, and how to use it to assist others in the therapeutic journeys.  It has helped me tremendously and fills me with joy and satisfaction that I'm realizing my purpose in the world.  Holistic health is incredibly important to me.

So, today I took the first steps in attaining my goal.

First endeavor is to compile a range of my artistic abilities and create a portfolio, non-dependent on medium, more dependent on 'soul' and 'connection' to the world.  Then comes the compilation of paperwork that makes my brain go wonky just thinking about it.  Not excited about meeting FAFSA again....but what can ya do...

I'm freaking ready...

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