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Monday, April 30, 2012

Update on my Process

I had a concept creep into my brain while I was trying to sleep.

I had been reading revelation space before crashing, so, it may have helped.

Anyhow, I got an idea about a sci-fi setting.  I'm still ruminating on it, but, it would involve a long-term observation post.

Although I love science fiction, I don't typically write it from a terribly hard-science POV because, well, my brain needs time to process it, and, if I'm not 100% comfortable with my personal understanding of the science behind something, i don't feel comfortable writing something as if I did.  Therefore, I have to invent work-arounds.   I'm ok with this.  This is also why I would be able to write fantasy pretty well, modern pretty well, and post-apocalyptic pretty well, all with sci-fi elements.

I am also feeling like I need to revisit Steampunk a bit.  Again, its the science that holds me back, as, although fascinating, its hard for my brain to "make it work".  Thus...more work-arounds.

As far as the #30in30 on the G+.  I started my journy on 4.11.12.  Today is 4.30.12, and technically, the last day of the challenge.  I wrote 20 poems in my 19 days, which is not to shabby.  I plan on continuing writing through the end  of the week to hit my 30 in less than 30 days, but, not in the chronological window.  This has been an incredible exercise for me personally, as, I do not readily identify as a poet, but, got some really good feedback from others that perhaps I may have some talent reminiscent of my previous poetic attempts.

For the next 10, I'm actually going to try specific poem formats and not just the free verse that I tend to sway towards.  I'd like to see if I can turn my consciousness stream into a new application.  I love writing prose, but, this forces me to work on my vocabulary and weigh the power of saying less, not more.  It also helped with the inevitable ennui that I get on occasion with writing, where, I just "don't feel it".  I do have a terrible problem with maintaining my creative juices and applying them where they would be most helpful, or, storing them for later when I don't have the juice on hand.

Thanks to everyone that has helped me in this process, and the new core of writers that I now frequent.

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