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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dog Day

I know I haven't been blogging much lately.

I got whacked with a bunch of migraines that took weeks to vacate.  They are still around, but less severe and I'm able to actually use my laptop now without adding to the searing pain.  This has had a negative effect on my writing as I haven't been able to type it up.  I tried writing by hand, but, it just resulted in me getting frustrated that the letters weren't pouring out of my Brain in the fashion that I would like, or at least in a relatively fast frequencies.

I had loads of fun doing the 30in30 contest, and although I didn't meet the contest guidelines I did get a lot done and have continued to write poems, of course, by hand.  I'll type them up here later should the mood strike.

I have been playing with some new ideas for stories, and one came to me, yet again, in a dream.

Its very new, as far as the take, but its also based similarly to some other ideas I have had in the past.  On the whole it requires some additionally mapping in my brain before I can flesh out an outline and start drafting.

Hope all are doing well!!

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