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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This is my first post, and its Leap Day.  I'm taking a leap.

I'm starting this blog thingy because, well, I have many thoughts and they tend to get stuck in my head.  Particularly in regards to creative writing.

I may post things about my life that I am dealing with.  It may include my thoughts of current events or my impressions on social trends.

Primarily this to serve as a sounding board for the things that I think I need to express but have no other avenue to vent.

I will endeavor not to get overly personal  I typically strive for objectivity in my life as it usually allows me to stay out of trouble.

I also want to work on my character creation process.  I love to create characters.  I love to build and identity and confront various developmental stages and obstacles and how that person would react, how they have reacted in the past, where did it get them, what did they learn and what they d o now.
I am famous for creating complex characters.  In my pen and paper RPG's it is not uncommon for me to show up with 10+ pages of background on my character, complete with how they developed their skills, feats and alignments.  Alignments are huge to me.  Thats really what counts for me.  If I'm going to " be someone" for a few hours, I need to be them.  To eat up their personality and feel complete.  This is also why I am not so much a hack 'n slash gamer.  Sure, I love a little melee, but, its how you got there, and the choices made, and the interactions that keeps me coming back for more.

This is what I want to foster in my writing.  To create characters so engrossing that you have trouble detaching.  My favorite novels have been able to do this to me.  I adore it.

This is about growth, and I would love feedback, honest fucking feedback, of what sucks or doesn't make sense.  I need that because I need this to become something bigger, larger than just me.  I want it to become about you as well.  I'm all about literary communion.

Like I said, this is a test, an exercise in getting me on target and focused on a product rather than just idealizing.  I hope I don't bore you.  :-)

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