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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I've mentioned dreams in the past.

Although I've been working on the next section of the story that's been spinning around in my head, I had an interesting image from one of my dreams that just won't leave until I talk about it.

I dreamed about something, I'm sure there was a story, and I remember that it was interesting, and it was another of those dreams where I'm not really there, I'm watching something.

And the thing is that I dreamed about a character that has never cropped up in a dream for me (at least to my knowledge) and sort of without a direct link as to why.

I dreamed about The Groosalugg from Angel.  Ya know, spin-off from Buffy.  Groo.  Really?  Even with the crazy-ass blue eyes.  And he was like, only a minor 'character' in my dream and I don't even remember all that much about the dream itself.  Just those crazy blue eyes saying "hi, remember me, thought I'd come visit and take around with your conscious mind today".

I don't know what this really has to do with me writing, other than, maybe I need to take a closer look at the character itself and see what is motivating about it. 

I also had a weird dream involving past lives and soul mates.  Which is hilarious because I'm not sure how much stock I can put into that sort of idea, other than its great for fiction.  The creepiest part, is I actually was playing an alternate "me" and some kid, and when I say kid, I mean, 11 year old, was trying to 'court' me.  Oh yeah, me an adult being pursued by a creepy pale kid with washed out appearance, and very elf-like, was like "hey, we were together in lives past, we should get married and continue on with our lives".  It was unsettling, and I was constantly telling the kid to knock it off or he'd be put in detention.   Sort of like that Robert Downey Jr. movie...only...way more freaky and fucked up because there was also something having to do with a plague...and the military....and some sort of a camp...

Either way, my dreams have been incredibly strange lately, and I feel like some part of me should pay attention to them and try to process it.  But, really...sometimes dreams are just dreams...

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