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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gardening of the Self

I need to focus.  No really, need to focus.  

I'm brimming with lots of creative energy, but I'm getting easily frustrated in trying to apply it.  I'm finding it difficult to sit still and crochet, tv slides right off my brain and reading isn't as fun as it has been.

I'm super day-dreamy and physical.  Like, my body and brain are craving stimulation that I apparently am failing to give it proper quantities of.

This could mean that I'm ready to learn something new, be it a new job, or going back to school.  It could mean that I've been stuck in the house doing sedentary things for way too long because my stupid body doesn't like to stay healthy.

I probably need to start doing daily gym excursions, and despite the fact that my husband gets home late is no excuse for me not to go to the 24hr gym that I have a membership at, or, alternately, get my sleepy ass up in the morning and start it off with a boost to the metabolism.

I also need to start making lists again.  I got out of the habit and everything is so freaking freeform for me that I just don't pay attention to the right things.

Oh and I get distracted by the wonderful people on Google+.  They have had me up til way past my bedtime on many an occasion.  Its good though, because I need that kind of brain thing right now.  I need to learn new people, things and ideas.  I need to grow.  I want to grow.  But I spend lots of time looking at the seeds, and where they should go, how I need to fertilize them and thinking about what they should look like that I forget to take the time and actually plant them.

Its Springtime.  Its time to plant that garden of awesome that is me...

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