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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I didn't get around to it yesterday.  All in all, bad day.

Today, not so much better, but I have a bit of clarity that is allowing me to focus.  Keeping to my goals are important, but being in the right mind set is sometimes equally as important.

As I slipped into the forest I could hear her thoughts mingling with my own.  I could feel her subdued nature, urging for me to join her in, saw it in her quick movements as I followed her.  I dodged exposed roots and boulders in my pursuit to abruptly find myself in a clearing.  Fallen pine needles had created a welcoming cushion to my body as we laid ourselves down.

I put my left arm under my head for added support and felt her glide up my right side to find comfort next to my body and resting her head on my hip.  I place my right hand upon her head  and asked, lightly stroking her, "what's the plan for today, Red?".

Silence, she said.  Well no.  It wasn't said it was implied by her non-response.  I slowed my breathing and looked above me to take in my surroundings.

We were in a clearing, with 20 ft pine trees surrounding us, their dark green branches in stark contrast to the grey-blue of the sky.  It looked like the clouds were thinning and might lift, but the sun was still occluded.  I could see small birds flitting through the branches, as if engaging in a dance.  They were chirping animatedly, excitedly and happily, creating a chorus of cheer that began to permeate my being.  

I closed my eyes and noticed the faint brush of air upon my exposed skin and gently stirring my hair.  Breathing deep, I caught the scent of earth, decay and mineral, almost tasting metallic and dry.  I continued to run my hands across the softness of Red, feeling her breathing slowly and made the effort to match it.  Inhaling the earth, exhaling to the sky.

After minutes or even hours, I began to stir, to shift my weight as Red accommodated my movements.  My eyes fluttered open and I could feel a new presence.  Just beyond the reach of my vision I saw an eagle watching, acknowledging me by crooking his head.

"Red, how long has he been there?"
"Not long, been watching since you finally quieted yourself."
"But, what does he want?"
"He wants nothing, he is more concerned with what you want."
"But I'm not sure what exactly I do want.  I'm just sort of, learning you know.  Getting new perspective".
"Yes, and to do that you have to be quiet.  Have I taught you nothing?"
"I have to observe.  To observe I have to become unnoticed, to adapt, to shift my thoughts to a different mode of being.  To embrace the shadows and not the light.  To be still but ever vigilant."
"Yes, but most of all you must BE quiet.  Its not about the absence of noise so much as the absence of your rambling thoughts.  If you master that, you can learn much about the world around you, and how best to approach it.  You must be many things and nothing all at once."
"But why is he here?"

At that the eagle erupted from the branch and circled around our clearing.  I heard a new voice enter my mind then.   As Red's voice was always quiet and distinctly feminine, this voice was older and rumbled with the bass of moving rock.  "I will return when you are more than you are."

I sat up and looked at Red.  She looked pleased with herself, with that impish grin that she always had when she felt she had made a point.  She sat up and licked my face "I'll see you soon.  Remember, its your task to become more adaptive and open.  Subtlety.  I look forward to hunting with you one day".

"Hunting?" I inquired, but it was too late.  She had darted through the trees, with the swiftest flash of red tail before be swallowed in green-black darkness.

This is sort of a rumination upon some ideas that I'm trying to incorporate in my daily life.  Today was an excellent day to try this exercise, no only to reaffirm my choices but to remind me of my path and my choices to grow or stay stagnant.

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