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Saturday, March 3, 2012


I do draw inspiration from dreams.

Last night I had some good stuff to draw off of.

First off, I bought a pet store.  And it was an already running pet store.  Except when I got there, in the back area, there were all kinds of exotic animals being kept there.  Giraffes, Elephants, Deer, Tigers.  But they were all incredibly small.  Like they were genetically engineered to be small.  Like the mini-pig, only mini-wilds.

So the guy that sold the store to me, died right after the transaction was completed and papers signed.  But there were people that worked there that were trying to break in and steal something from the store, but it wasn't the animals.  And I had all these people from zoos and stuff coming to take the wild animals from me so that I could just sell puppies, kitties, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice, turtles, frogs, birds.  There were no fish.

Then I noticed there was this chick that was coming in and was really suspicious, and then she turned out to be a friggin witch or something and cut my arm off.  But it grew back.

Gotta love dreams but this one escapes me.  Its scifi and fantasy and horror...but I'm not drawing any special story line from it.

On the upside, after having pneumonia last month, I somehow (mostly due to exhaustion) didn't get my full medication route for my spine.  I sort of dropped to half my normal dosing, which is not good, and I didn't notice cause all I was doing was sleep and I felt awful anyhow.

Well, I've been putting lots of effort in this past week to get that rectified so that I'm back at full therapeutic strength and I am feeling much better, and have been enjoy the bonus side effect of more energy and better moods.

I've also been a LOT more active on Google + and have been meeting some very interesting peoples that are really helping to stimulate my grey matter.  I think tomorrow when I actually have more time to do it, I need to do an actual writing exercise.  I'm thinking a Character Creation.  There is a template I have somewhere with important questions to ask your "character" in order to really flesh one out.

Feel free to offer suggestions if you want.  It would be fun!

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