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Friday, March 2, 2012


Okay.  Daily Post is starting first thing this morning so that I can get the "juices" flowing to allow room for further inspiration for additional posting later (a girl can dream).

So I'm calling this Guard Duty for a reason.

First off, Skyrim.  Whats not fun about slaying dragons?

Secondly, I did kind of take an arrow through the knee which is preventing me from doing something else with my life, thus, I'm on guard duty.  I'm watching.

This is a huge time of transition for me as I am forced to consider my health as whole being and what I need to maintain it.  My previous employments, although rewarding and something I would like to return to one day, is not feasible at current because I physically cannot do jobs that I used to and I mentally cannot take the stress of the jobs that I can do or am qualified for.  I will need to return to school and get the next degree in the hierarchy in order to progress. I am not financially in a position to do that right now, so, I'm learning new skills and trying to help others with their businesses.  I'm focusing on my artistic wants, healing up, exploring spiritually and trying new things or returning to things I had previously put aside.

One of them is writing.  I took a creative writing course at a community college when I was studying biotech.  I also took one in High School.  In High School, I was focusing more on poetry.  At the CC, short story.  I think I'm still in short story land.  I have ideas for bigger stories, or serial short stories that could become a book later.  I have ideas for epic tales but tend to either lose interest in them or run out of motivation.  This is why Short Stories are really appealing to me right now.

I draw lots of inspiration from my dreams.  I have incredibly vivid dreams, ones that when I wake up haunt me for hours afterward, picking at my brain, becoming more, evolving into their own lives and begging to be shared.  From a psychological point of view, dreams are the way of your unconscious mind trying to cleanse your conscious mind of what it has interacted with in the past, offering a way to solve problems you couldn't in your waking life and preparing you for future conflicts.  Apparently I am very equipped (or concerned) with a coming apocalypse and anything fantasy, supernatural or science fiction related.  Its also my go-to subject matter for entertainment and growth, so, its that too.  Thank you Role-Playing Games.

Its easy for me to think and compose ideas for fantasy applications, so long as the world makes sense on the whole.  In my reading of other fantasy stories, I'm often saying to myself  "i so could have written this".  Science fiction, my other love, is much harder for me.  I LOVES IT!  Especially anything having to do with colonization and exploration or genetic/technological advancement.  Unfortunately, as much as I love it, the higher scientific theories behind them, my brain has trouble wrapping around these subjects and truly understanding them.  I get the general gist of it, but, I lack an understanding where I am comfortable creating a story from, as, it immediately slaps me in the face that I'm lying.  Yes, part of creation is lying, or rather, redefining.  I just need to process past this block.  I could write it from the perspective of a person that uses the tech but doesn't understand the tech, ya know, like most television/movies today, but it feels like a cop-out.

My real gift is that I'm good at dialogue.  I have spent a huge chunk of my time watching people interact and not necessarily getting involved.  I have learned important things about body language and non-verbal communication that add to an exchange.  I know that word choice is important, as people unconsciously censor themselves constantly.  No one ever means what they say.  No one ever says the entire truth.  Everyone bends it as needed to fit in, survive and try to be popular in any situation.

My other gift is complex characters.  I have alluded to this in the past, but really, this is core for me.  I enjoy reading stories where I feel for the character.  I'm in their shoes, empathizing and taking the journey with them.  I love "The Never-ending Story" (movie) because I was that kid.  I would have spent my entire existence with a nose in a book rather than dealing with the outside world.  Its an awesome story because the characters are believable, likable and engaging.  They have a history, they have grown, they are heading towards something and you are with them every step of the way.

I want to do that.  I want to make things that are unreal, real for people, the way that others have done for me.  I'm okay with being a copycat in this regard, cause everyone steals from everyone else, and its because its good shit.

Thats it for now.  I'm going to ponder over why I dreamed that someone needed to wake me up using "the dropkick murphys" (in dream) and why I experienced getting a bad haircut that resulted in me getting $200.00 as a refund.

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