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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Complacency = Death

I've been disturbed tonight.

And sleep is not going to happen until I express this out of me.

I really intended to use this thing for other things, but, this one has disturbed me.

Today several things popped up in my Google+ stream that I found morally reprehensible, ideologically flawed and just awe-struck at the audacity of.

The first was a petition put forth in Arizona that would define pregnancy as occurring 2 weeks prior to actual fertilization of a zygote (which can not happen for upwards of a week following intercourse).  So...for 3 out of 4 weeks of my cycle I could be deemed as being "pregnant" without actually being so.  This compounds other pushes from other states that view women as nothing more than breeding stock.  Its distressing that I am still viewed from parts of the population as less than a human being, not being competent enough to make my own health decisions, and that I have to continue to prove that I am none of those things.  I don't even have enough brain left in me to shoot through all the loopholes in these legislative potentials.  I'm sure someone infinitely more verbally eloquent has already done so.

Next was the Supreme Court decision about strip-searching without that pesky "reasonable suspicion" aspect.  It horrifies me because it places more legal power in the hands of those that are in a great position to abuse it.  This does not mean I believe that every cop out there would, but I definitely think there are some, and I do not believe it is going to ensure any more safety in a prison system than is already present/not-present.  America makes a business out of imprisoning its population.  There are statistics and articles and stuff to back myself up on, but, I'm not going to do that right now.  I'm not proving a point about this being true or not.

The thing that I find the most distressing about all of these is that a large portion of the American population either do not care that this is happening, or, do not know about it.  Its this horrible, stagnant, superiority that Americans feel like nothing is "my problem".  Well, I hate to use others words, but, if you are not part of the solution, you are definitely part of the problem.

We are all a part of the problem.  I don't blame republicans.  I don't blame democrats.  I blame Americans.  I blame us, because we are letting our rights be taken away from us, one little decision over time.  It started after 9/11 and hasn't stopped.  We keep saying we are doing this for the greater good, the greater safety of our country.  I don't feel one bit safer.  I don't feel one bit better.  Everyday I am watching my human rights being pecked away from, I'm listening to people justify it and it makes me ill.

I hate politics because, its never about the people, its about the politicians.  And that is my opinion why so many people are so disinterested.  We feel powerless.  And its a viscous cycle because the less that we exercise our powers of democracy, the less we have it.  We listen to media sources that are about selling and not reporting.  I'm not playing the game anymore.

I really want to send a message to all politicians this election year.  Not doing your damn job the way I want?  Calling you out.  Not standing by the things your said to get elected?  Calling you out.  Not actively engaged in finding solutions to real problems (economy/recession/jobs) but creating new ones?  Calling you out.

I'm calling you out by 1.  Writing you.  2.  Talking about it.  3. Voting.  4.  Encouraging everyone I can to do the same.

Yeah, I might not personally make a huge difference, but, when I hear "Its not my fault, not like I can do anything about it" I am going to spew forth a line of rhetoric that will shame the other person into either 1. giving a shit or 2. Getting out of my way.

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