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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Feeling extremely Post-Apocalyptic today and I'm reviewing a world/story concept that had stemmed from a dream that I had several years ago.  I really outlined it and I'm trying to figure out where to start with it, in order to adapt it into a story format.

My first thoughts are to break this up into short stories, similar to the way that Allen Steele did with his Coyote series when starting out.  This world has a lot of possibilities.  Its sort of an amalgam of various other settings that I have enjoyed in the past.

I'm going to give a brief introduction of the opening of this world and then shelf it for a few days to see how I feel about it.  Here Goes.

Kreissana pulled her scarf back across her face, stifling a cough, and shielding her eyes.  She liked to assist  Lorrell in his search for whatever plants grew out in the sands to aid his research, but the winds were picking up and she was becoming fearful that a misplaced footing would end in disaster.  Lorrell was in his late fifties, as best as can be determined, and getting more and more frail each year.  His lungs were becoming weak, but his mind was as sharp as ever.

"'Rell, we need to head back.  I fear we are in for another storm and we need to head back" Kreissana suggested.  It was a long walk back to Belleville Commune.

"One more sample", he stated, as he cut another bit of branch off of the plant and placed it in his sack.  Kreissana leaned to offer herself as support for him to stand.

The sands weren't really sand but a large expanse of dust amidst rocky outcroppings.  There was very little moisture in the air and was prone to sudden gusts of wind that would soon blot out the sky.  Lorrell prided himself as somewhat of an expert on the matter having studied several books on agriculture over the years.  He only had a few volumes remaining from his trip to the Library 25 years ago.  He always did mean to return.  He was getting old, far too old to put it off much longer.  Kreissana was also ready to take his place.

Lorell remembered rescuing her years ago.  She was a frail little creature, with bony knees, knotted yellow hair and black eyes.  He heard about the 'tyrant of the west' and had gone to investigate, nearly 300 miles west of Belleville Commune.  The tyrant proved to be a large man who had managed to establish himself as head of "Lords Steading" through physical championship.  The commune awarded rights to the "lord" to all goods within it, at his discretion and approval.  The Lord owned all food, all animals, all people.  The Lord would grant permission to share in his goods at his own whim.  He heard rumors that the Lord had demanded a tribute of a beautiful woman in a neighboring commune or he would send his men to raid it.  The lord received his tribute, a fair haired, green-eyed woman.  He would not share her, but invited all in the area to come and pay respects.  It was unheard of until this point for a Lord to hold a woman so high.  

The woman, Kyla, became Kreissana's mother in short time.  Kreissana was not valued by the Lord and was sent away when he demanded Kyla's attention.  Lorrell had been at Lord Steading for 3 months when rumor hit that Kyla was being sent gifts from the Lord's Captain, Tylor.  Three days later during evening feast, Tylor was executed by the Lord for his transgressions.  Kyla begged the Lord not to kill Tylor, publicly, shaming the Lord by speaking out of turn.  That night the Lord strangled Kyla and banished Kreissana, by physically bringing her to the gate of Lord's Steading and pushing her out the gate.  Kreissana fled towards the direction that tribute wagons generally came from.

A few hours before sunrise, Lorrell found Kreissana huddled between several rocks, shivering, covered in bruises and weeping for her lost mother.  She could not have been more than 4 years of age.  Lorrell wrapped her in one of his tattered robes, startling her.  

"Careful child, I'm  not here to harm.  My name is Lorrell, I just want to help you through the night" he said slowly backing away.  She softened and looked relieved.  She thought that the Lord had followed her and decided that he wanted her dead after all.  She took the robes and wrapped herself in them.

"Where should I go?" she asked the man.  He was of mid years, perhaps slightly older, and had a kind, trusting face.  Dark of hair and eye, like the Lord, but slight of build.  

"There are dozens of different places across this world.  Not as harsh as this place, also, not as rich.  We will travel together.  I am a Priest of the Word and a Watcher of the Day.  You could help me in my searches.  You can visit many places.  And if you wish, one day, you can take my place."

Kreissana had no idea what it would mean to take his place, but she knew that this man knew how to survive and could help her to as well.  Kreissana has been with Lorrell for nearly 15 years or so, its hard to accurately recall, but she had learned to tell time based on the stars.  Kreissana knew how to ease most common ailments, how to read and trade at a fair price.  These were incredibly useful skills in a world where living day to day was the best most could wish for.

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