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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cinema de Lux: What do you mean I'm in the wrong seat?

So Saturday night I decided that migraines, allergies and neuropathy be damned, I'm going to see The Avengers.  I will review The Avengers in a separate post at a later date.

Husband and I arrive late, we're scrambling, why the heavy traffic at 730pm?  We print our tickets, dash to the concession stand for obligatory $16.00 popcorn and water and just make into the theater.  We see open seats in the first row of the stadium seating, where the cross poles are to put your feet upon.  YES!

We get nestled and are enjoying the preview when we notice there are an awful lot of ushers in this theater and they are directing people about.  There is even delivery of snack items being ushered about.  I note that our seats are super soft and cushy.  One of the ushers is checking the open seats around us, and mentions to the gentleman she is directing that his seats are in the chunk we are sitting in.  My husband inquires about that while I dig out my ticket.  Sure enough, assigned freaking seating?  At the movies?  What?  She says something about a Director or something and says she will help us find our seats.

We find our seats, no I can't put my feet up on the person in front of me, but, I actually have quite a bit of leg room.  So we finally put the bits and pieces together that apparently, they are offering a program by which you can select your seats when you purchase them (although we did not get a prompt when pre-ordering on the Flixster app).  This is so that, you know that when you arrive that you will have seats, together, with your group and won't have to fight for them, ask people to move or be separated.  In addition to this, they also offer a full menu of food, snacks, desserts and even adult beverage selections.  And all you have to do is show up and sit down.

They call this the Lux Level when going to a National Amusements de Lux location.  Had I known that this was an option, and had we been prompted to select my favorite seats, I would have enjoyed the experience just a tad bit more.  On the whole, a great product/service, but, they need to train their ushers to greet the patrons (not stand by the entrance and smile blankly) and when asked about the service, to actually provide the information.

To take advantage of this new experience, check on the links/descriptions below.  Happy Viewing!

What are Director's Halls?  
Our most premium seating halls known as "Director's Halls" feature extra-wide Ultra Leather seats and assigned seating. The Director's Halls are equipped with state-of-the-art wall-to-wall screens, Dolby EX Surround Sound and stadium seating. By purchasing a Director's Hall ticket, you are automatically reserving a specific seat. No more waiting in line or sending your companions into the hall to find "good seats" while you purchase concessions. Enjoy the music, take in the atmosphere, and an usher will show you to your personal seats when you are ready.

Note: I have written National Amusements to apprise them of my impression.  I suggest that if you can use this service, do it, and let me know how it turn out.

Edit 5/23/12:  I received an email from National Amusements local Manager and he addressed the issue I had with not being notified about the "Directors Hall" experience.  He is sending me 2 free tickets to enjoy it in the future, and, said he will be taking steps to ensure that his staff are responding to the service more proactively.  He also suggested that I not purchase tickets via Flixster, as he tried to do the same and found that it did not prompt him to select seats.  Therefore, I am now more pleased with this service, and plan to go and see something soon to enjoy it more thoroughly.

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  1. This is really cool to know. Glad I found your blog. We go to AMC at Liberty Tree but now I'm going to be on the lookout. And I use Flixster all the time so I'm wondering ifnthe updateblast week fixed that. Very cool!